Histotechnician/ Histotechnologist

Job Title: Histotechnician/ Histotechnologist

Department: Histology

Location: Brunswick, GA

Job Summary:

  • Perferred ASCP certification. This is not a requirement to function effectively in fulfilling the duties and responsibility as a technician in histology.
  • The technician, however, should have the appropriate training and possess a broad knowledge of the technical aspect of histology which includes but is not limited to section cutting, embedding, frozen section and special staining.
  • The  technician will follow the direction of the supervisor while taking initiative in performing and promoting quality and efficiency within the department.
  • Interact responsibly with other clerical and technical staff, and other departments within the organization.


Midnight – 9:00 AM

Quantity of Work (40%)


  1. Embeds tissue correctly.
  2. Orientation is appropriate.
  3. Block size and placement of specimens are in compliance with department protocols.
  4. Requests to re-embed due to faulty original orientation are negligible. (10%)


  1. Microtomy skills permit persistent sectioning at 4-5 microns, with artifact free sections.
  2. Recuts on request blocks, to produce additional slides or “levels”, are performed without loss of tissue or compromise of specimen. (10%)


  1. Performs established staining procedures accurately and precisely.
  2. Follows all routine H&E and special staining protocols.
  3. Performs immunohistochemistry if allowed according to established procedures.
  4. Produces satisfactory positive and negative control slides for each test performed.
  5. Has no more than 3 test procedures found unsatisfactory documented and repeated. (Major errors sent out undetected. (10%)


  1. Clerical tasks are accurately performed and completed.
  2. Slides are correctly labeled and initialed with information accurately transformed to slides. Performs QC/QA documentation as required by current departmental practices.
  3. Upkeeps log book (no white out). (10%)

Quantity of Work (20%):


  1. Embeds a minimum of 50 large or 30 small or multiple blocks per hour of embedding time, sections a minimum of 35 blocks per hour.
  2. Increases speed without loss of quality. (5%)


  1. Meets deadlines.
  2. Organizes work load to meet established turn-around time.
  3. Prioritizes tasks according to established departmental practices.
  4. Expedites “Rush” specimens.
  5. Integrates slide availability with current courier schedules. (5%)


  1. Is flexible and versatile in responding to changing procedural requirements.
  2. Performs simultaneous procedures, and “batches” tests where appropriate.
  3. Rotates task assignments according to department needs.
  4. Willingly covers co-workers time off, adding extra duties to own schedule temporarily. (5%)


  1. Uses time effectively. Uses lag-times for recurring low priority tasks such as equipment maintenance, housekeeping, supply inventory and stocking, replenishes routine reagents, out-dates expired ones, and leaves test “set-ups” for the following user.
  2. Cares for equipment and own work area.
  3. Helps file slides and blocks and assists in clerical area. (5%)

Education and Cross-training Job Knowledge (20%):

Technical Knowledge

  1. Regularly performs microscopic evaluation of routine and special procedures.
  2. Can recognize positive results, differentiate incorrectly performed work and make corrections. (5%)

Instrument Operation

  1. Demonstrates, by correct test performance, a complete understanding of all routine and special procedures in current use.
  2. Regularly reviews all procedure manuals, safety manuals, and equipment operator’s manual.
  3. Is able to operate all equipment in the department. (5%)


  1. Learns specialty areas of test performance, and cross trains whenever possible to increase versatility and provide additional skills within the department.
  2. Demonstrates an interest in remaining current in the field.
  3. Studies to broaden understanding and improve skills. (10%)

Judgement and Interaction (20%)


  1. Communicates effectively.
  2. Handles all exchange of information with courtesy and accuracy.
  3. Always reports any incomplete or misunderstanding of procedures to ensure continuity of production.
  4. Follows up any discrepancies or inconsistencies to resolution, reports findings and corrective action to supervisor.
  5. Solicits help if unable to resolve problems.
  6. Is able to receive instructions and constructive criticism with tact and concern. (5%)


  1. Complies with all department and organization rules and regulations.
  2. Reports to work as scheduled, on time and ready to begin tasks.
  3. Reliably records arrival and departure times in the time clock system.
  4. Schedules time-off in advance whenever possible.
  5. Uses sick time according to its intended use.
  6. Is willing to reschedule work hours or remain late to meet department needs.
  7. Abides by laboratory dress codes and complies by all fire, safety and infection control practices. (5%)


  1. Works well with co-workers and supervisors.
  2. Interacts well with pathologists and administrative personnel.
  3. Consistently strives to be an effective productive member of the department.
  4. Demonstrates by all conversation and behavior, a positive image of our laboratory, as a caring quality oriented organization. (10%)

Education & Training:

  • High school diploma or GED
  • HT (ASCP) or equivalent experience and training
  • At least I year of experience or new graduate.

Physical Requirements:

  1. Occasional walking, standing, bending and reaching when filing, photocopying, etc.
  2. Light lifting of under 50 pounds on an infrequent basis.
  3. CAUTION: There is a moderate potential for skin, eye, mucous membrane, non-intact skin or parenteral contact with potentially infectious materials or chemicals which may be result from the performance of an employee’s regular duties.


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