Frequently Asked Questions

What does a pathologist do?

A pathologist diagnoses or assists in the diagnosis of diseases through the examination of tissue, blood and other body fluids.

Is a pathologist a medical doctor?

Yes, all pathologists are medical doctors. After medical school they train for an additional 5-7 years to acquire the required skills to be a pathologist.

Why did I receive a bill from a pathologist? I never saw this physician.

Your primary care physician submitted tissue, blood or other body fluid to the laboratory for evaluation by a pathologist.

Is the laboratory certified?

Yes, Southeastern Pathology Associates is accredited by the State of Georgia, the State of Florida and the College of American Pathologists.

How long has the practice been in existence?

Southeastern Pathology Associates has been serving Georgia, Florida and South Carolina since 1992.

Will insurance cover the ordered tests?

As each insurance company has its own rules and regulations it is difficult to provide a single short answer to this question. The question is best answered by individual insurance companies. However, Southeastern Pathology Associates accepts payment from over 850 different insurance companies, and is enrolled in and accepts all major insurance companies in Georgia, Florida and South Carolina.

How fast will my physician have the results?

Our goal is 48 hours or less for a biopsy. Specialized tests will take more time.

May I receive a copy of my test results?

Yes. However, under Georgia law test results must be obtained from your ordering provider.

How are results transmitted to my physician?

Via password protected, HIPAA compliant Internet, via FAX or via hand-delivered courier.

May we request duplicate reports be sent to other providers?

Of course, simply note the FAX number and provider’s name on your requisition and mark it cc.

What do we do if we only need occasional courier pick-ups?

Call SEPA Labs customer service toll free, 877-672-4385, and request a pick-up.

One of our patients received a bill from SEPA Labs and doesn’t think it is correct. Who should they call?

Our billing customer service. Toll free number is 844-201-7713.

How does our practice set up pathology service with SEPA Labs?

Contact our Sales Manager, Adam Blank at 404-991-0426.

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