Daily Quality Assurance Review

  • SEPA’s Pathology Department has the ability to bring together a team of pathologists assembles daily to ensure that additional experts review all significant diagnoses. SEPA is proud to have the ability to cover 13 subspecialties with their 39 board-certified pathologists.
  • The Daily Consensus was developed with our physicians and their patients in mind. This eliminates ANY additional costs to the patient for a consult and it reduces Turnaround Time (TAT) of the results because it is all a part of the services we provide in our state of the art laboratory.
  • The Daily Consensus allows SEPA to provide Accurate, Definitive and Quality Results with rapid TAT on hard to read cases. Most importantly, the consensus allows SEPA to provide a Personalized Approach to our physicians when they may have challenging cases that require immediate attention.
  • This Daily Review is an integral part of SEPA’s commitment to service excellence!

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